Leaking Bathroom Sink Drain: Fix It Quick

Leaking bathroom sink drain is a simple DIY project and one where you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself instead of calling a plumber. When it comes to fixing it quickly, it’s important to understand the pipe size. In most cases for older homes with the bathroom sink drains, they’re connected to a 1 1/4 inch tailpiece and modern homes all use a standard size 1 1/2 inch outlet.

An easy way to determine what size pipe you have is to take a section out and measure the diameter of the pipe. All of the pipes under a bathroom sink look like horizontal extensions. The 90-degree elbows or the P-trap assembly have a diameter of 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inches. Knowing the size of your bathroom sink drain pipe will help when you’re going to the local home improvement store to get your parts.

Leaking Bathroom Sink Drain: Common Problems

The most common problem with a leaking bathroom sink drain is where the two pipes connect. If you see water leaking where two pipes connect you’re in luck, this is a quick fix. You will need to replace the washer and slip nut because the washer tends to wear out over time.

Step 1

Identify the diameter of the pipe you’re working with and go to your local home improvement store to buy the replacement slip nut and it’s washer assembly.

Step 2

Slide the slip nut on the drainpipe with the threads facing the threads on the pipe it will connect to.

Step 3

Making sure the thicker part of the washer is facing the slip nut, slide the washer on the pipe that has the slip nut on it.

Step 4

Connect the pipe with the washer and slip nut to the other pipe it connects to.

Step 5

With the tapered end of the washer going in between the gap of the two pipes, push the washer into the gap.

Step 6

If you have brass or steel drain pipes, use plumber’s tape on the threads before you connect them. Plastic PVC pipes do not require plumber’s tape.

Step 7

Start screwing the slip nut on the threads of the other pipe you’re connecting it to until it’s hand tight. Then use a pipe wrench for brass or steel drain lines to tighten the slip nut. Do not use a pipe wrench on plastic PVC slip nuts because you can crack the slip nut. Hand tight pressure for plastic PVC drain pipes is perfect.

Leaking bathroom sink drain: In most cases you can fix

In most cases you can fix a leaking bathroom sink drain quickly and for under 10 dollars. About 90 percent of all leaks in a bathroom sink drain pipe will be from a worn-out washer. Plumber’s tape for PVC drain pipes over the threads can help for a temporary fix however, it won’t last long and should be replaced with a new slip nut and washer.