What Do I Do When I Have Clogged Main Line ? 


Having a Clogged Main Line in Sun Valley is just bad news. No one looks forward to a plumbing issue because it’s always inconvenient and just something that you don’t want to deal with on your best day. There are many reasons why your main line is clogged, but no matter what the cause is, you’ll most likely have to call the plumber.


You can’t see the clog but you know it’s there. Instantly you will have issues such as a toilet that won’t flush, or water that is backed up. Having a clog will immediately halt the smooth flow of water that you’re used to. A sewer line clog could mean you have raw sewage backed up and it could be coming back out of your drains. Talk about having an unpleasant smell in your home. What it also means that your home most likely has suffered extensive damage. You may need a repair or even a new sewer line.


Although you can’t see the clog itself, there are clues that will tip you off. This could warn you that you have a bigger problem on your hands. A clogged toilet or drain is a major red flag. Gurgling in your drains or backed up water are other indications of a major problem.


Tree roots are another cause of many plumbing issues. Trees roots are very strong and can actually penetrate pipes that are underground. This problem is much more common in older homes. There could be pipes that are corroded or made bad materials. If you have a clog in a newer home, it could be because something got flushed down the toilet. You may also get a clog if too much thick toilet paper got flushed at the same time.


Prevent A Clogged Main Line


There are a few things that you can do to help maintain your plumbing and to keep your pipes clog-free. You can fill all of your sinks to the brim and then drain them about twice a month. This will help to clear out your pipes with the pressure and amount of water that will run through your pipes. You should try to avoid chemical-laden drain cleaners. These products tend to do more damage than good. If you have an auger, you could also use it to clear out your drain if it is running slowly. If the problem continues you might want to call the plumber instead.


A plumber will be able to locate the problem and fix a Clogged Main Line in Sun Valley. The will also have all of the tools in order to find out what the clog is such as a camera. For really tough clogs they can also blast the pipes to get them clear with a powerful machine. They will also be able to tell you about any underlying issues that are invisible to the eye.